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ONEplace@kpl is a management support organization offering resources and services to nonprofit staff, board, and volunteers in Kalamazoo County.

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Personal integrity

Tonight is the first Presidential Debate. Commentators anticipate that over 10 million people will be watching as the candidates promote their records and, quite likely, take shots at the other person’s record. When we make our cases for support our audiences rarely approach the 10 million mark, however our people listen for the same thing as tonight’s audience: personal integrity....

Cause-Driven Organizations

I’ll get right to the point: There are many good organizations, but good doesn’t move the needle. Good doesn’t change the conversation. To impact the deeply entrenched issues within our community, organizations must work together on their common cause. No one organization can do this in isolation. But this post is not about collaboration....

Resolute-Humble Leader

Over the past three years, we have refined our offerings into a focused, leader development program. We’ve experimented, strengthened some programs, and abandoned others. You’ve provided feedback and suggestions in conversations and surveys. All of this has led to refining ONEplace’s purpose as “encouraging and equipping Resolute-Humble Leaders”...which begs the question:...

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