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Bookstore News January 29 - 31

This is the last week of the first month of 2014. It is time to evaluate the progress made on month-old New Year’s resolutions. Or maybe not. Perhaps you didn’t make any resolutions this year. Possibly you’ve been considering what it is you really want to resolve to do. Let me offer 10 Friendly Resolutions for you to consider. These resolutions are easy to keep, they’ll save you money, and you will be helping yourself and others. Here they are:

1. Tell two friends about the bookstore
2. Shop at the Bag-of-Books Sales in:
3. Shop at the bookstore once a month
4. Bring a friend to the bookstore on one of your visits
5. Read the bookstore’s blog to learn more about weekly specials
6. Renew, and consider upgrading, your membership in the Friends of KPL
7. Invite a friend to join FKPL
8. Attend the annual meeting of Friends
9. Try a new author –at these prices you can afford to take a chance
10. Mark the day after Thanksgiving on your calendar as the public opening of our annual Gift Book Sale. (You will have already had a sneak preview on Tuesday afternoon before Thanksgiving if you are a member.)

Bookstore News January 8 - 11

The Friends Bookstore is opening on Wednesday 1/8/14 after being closed for a week. Our volunteers spent that week making some changes that we hope will improve your shopping experience.
We’d like to welcome you back to our new and improved bookstore with a couple great sales.

SALE - January 8 – 11

All Trade Edition Fiction (larger paperback) is 50% OFF*
All Premium Edition Fiction (bigger than Mass-Market & smaller than Trade) is 50% OFF

*excludes books on “New Arrivals” bookshelf


Holiday Schedule

We will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week. All of next week we will be closed. When we reopen on Wednesday, January 8th we will be reorganized and reinvigorated and ready for the new year.

Happy holidays!

Bookstore News and Holiday Schedule - December 2013

Are you traveling over the holidays? Long drives are the perfect time to enjoy an audio book. We just received a big selection of books on CD. We have a lot of fiction and mystery and a smattering of very good nonfiction too. As always the prices are hard to beat.

Are you still gift shopping? We still have quite a few gift-quality books. In addition to the special “gift-quality” books there are many wonderful books on our shelves that would make great gifts.

Holiday Schedule:
     • The week of the 16th – open all week – regular schedule
     • The week of the 23rd – Closed on the 25th and open the 26th, 27th, and 28th
     • The week of the 30th - CLOSED ALL WEEK


Bookstore News December 11 - 14

Many of us are seriously occupied with gift buying decisions right now. Buying and giving just-the-right gift is a wonderful thing! Sometimes thinking of just-the-right gift is a frustrating thing. I can whole-heartedly recommend browsing the bookstore for any reader on your holiday list. We have a great selection of books and the bang-for-your-buck is hard to beat anywhere in town. While you’re here check out our Collectibles Cabinet. The Collectibles Cabinet contains all sorts of special books; you will find rare, signed, and unusual books. Here are a few examples of the signed books we have:

• The Life You Imagine – signed by Derek Jeter
• Garden of the Beast – signed by Erik Larson
• Theodore Boone – signed by John Grisham
• White House Diary – signed by President Jimmy Carter

Just ask at the counter and we will be happy to let you look through our collectible books. Maybe just-the-right gift is waiting for you there.


Friends Bookstore News December 4 - 7

What a busy and transitional time last weekend was! We put away the autumn and Thanksgiving décor and immediately put up the Christmas decorations. My head is swimming a little. The Friends Bookstore began its annual Gift Book Sale on Friday and our little shop was buzzing with activity all day. Several people mentioned that the store was crowded, but that everyone seemed happy. We have plenty of gift-quality books left, so please don’t worry that you’ve missed out if you didn’t make it down last weekend. We will continue to put out new things as we can. Come downtown, enjoy the decorations on the mall and in the park, take a ride on the Holly Jolly Trolley, and come see us at the bookstore.

Friends Bookstore News November 27 - 30

Happy Thanksgiving! The Holiday Season has officially begun. I'd like to suggest to you again this year that you start your Black Friday shopping in downtown Kalamazoo.  I'd like to further suggest that you make your first stop the Friends Bookstore. Friday is the first day of our annual Gift-Quality Book Sale. You will find a fabulous selection of books that you will be proud to give as gifts. In addition to the joy you will feel at finding just the right gift, you will be very pleased with yourself  because you will pay just a fraction of the retail price!

Bookstore News November 13 - 16

Gift-quality books from a used book store. Really? If you’ve never been to our annual Gift Book Sale you might question that. But, if you have been to the Friends Gift Book Sale you most likely have it marked on your calendar and have plans to be here when the doors open.

All year we set aside books for this sale. These books must meet one very strict standard; they must look like new books. Surprisingly we receive enough “like new” donations to put together a pretty awesome sale every year. So here’s the bottom line – you can buy gift-quality, “like-new” books for a fraction of retail price.

The sale starts at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, November 29. Start your holiday shopping at the Friends Bookstore and I think you’ll get off to a very rewarding start!

This week: Buy select trade fiction, normally priced at $2.00 each, two for a dollar.

Bookstore News November 6 - 9

November is Picture Book Month. I think it’s fitting that we set aside an entire month to celebrate picture books. Picture books make a valuable and significant contribution in our lives. If you love stories there’s a good chance that love was nurtured at a very young age. It’s a good bet that the pleasure you receive from a well-told tale began snuggled up with mom or dad and a picture book. We know that reading to children is a nurturing activity that encourages a love of reading. So, this month we will celebrate picture books!

We have an enormous supply of picture books. We have picture books that tell comforting stories, teaching stories, exciting stories, well, all kinds of stories. And don’t forget the “picture” in picture book. The pictures add so much to the story and the artwork is often phenomenal. Most of our picture books are priced at a dollar or two. Come down to the bookstore and help us celebrate picture books this month!

Bookstore News October 30 - November 2

As you walk in the front door of the bookstore, just to your right, is a bookshelf which houses our New Arrivals and Staff Picks. “New arrival” often means very current, recently published books. Staff picks are books that volunteers have read and recommend. Here’s the titles of a few I picked out to share with you, to give you an idea of what we have.
• “July 1914 Countdown to War” by Sean McMeekin, published 2013 – a history of the decisions that led to the war in 1914
• “Say Nice Things About Detroit”, by Scott Lasser, published 2012 – a suspenseful tale set in Detroit and recommended by Elmore Leonard
• “Mom & Me & Mom” by Maya Angelou, published 2013 – a memoir about Maya Angelou’s relationship with her mother
• “The Orchard A Memoir” by Theresa Weir, published 2011 – a gripping memoir of woman’s “struggle, resilience, and love in the American heartland”
• “The Quest” by Nelson DeMille, published 2013 – DeMille’s latest thriller
• “Brotherhood, Dharma, Destiny, and the American Dream” by Deepak Chopra and Sanjiv Chopra, published 2013
That’s just a few titles to whet your interest. I hope you’ll come down this week and see what else we have.