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Bookstore News April 17 - 20

We have two sales in the bookstore this week that I think you’ll want to check out. A large and varied selection of our trade fiction is on sale– buy one for $1.00 and get one free.(If you’re curious by what I mean by trade fiction, read below) You will find lots of popular authors and recent titles. These are garage sale prices! Come in and stock up! The other sale is on select short stories. We have a very nice selection of short stories for ½ off our regular prices, which makes most of these books 50¢ or $1.00.
If you haven’t visited us for a while, do it this week. In addition to all the great fiction we have books on everything from agriculture (gardening) to Zen Buddhism.

Paperback trade fiction is probably the most popular fiction that we sell in the bookstore. Occasionally someone will ask what exactly trade fiction is. Paperback books are published in three formats – mass market, trade and premium. Mass market paperbacks are the small paperbacks that usually sell for $7.99 new, premium paperbacks are the newest edition to the paperback family and are the same width as mass market paperbacks but about ¾” taller and sell for $9.99 new, and trade fiction are both wider and taller than both of the other formats and sell for $14.99 new. Trade fiction paperbacks are often referred to as book club books.

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