Bookstore Specials June 24 - 27

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The Summer Solstice has come and gone and summer is finally here. My ideal summer day includes sunshine, a warm breeze, and of course, a good book. Part of that equation is pretty easy for me to fill, since I work in the bookstore, I virtually never am without a good book. We try our best to make it easy for everyone in the community to have access to good-quality, low-cost books. Every week (often everyday) we put out new materials and we are open four days a week for your convenience.

Each week we try to spotlight a different category of books. Sometimes we choose a category because we have a large supply of those books or because we have something a little bit unusual. Often we put together a cart of a certain type of books to "shine the spotlight on it" or bring it to your attention. This week we have brought together interesting selections of Miscellaneous Books,  Media and Entertainment Books, and Religion Books. We have lots of great reads in these and many more categories. Come down and pick up a  book or two to help complete your perfect summer day.

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