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According to the website there are many reasons to read biographies. The list includes eight reasons, but my favorite are: to find out about fascinating people, to learn history, and to get the dirt. We have such a diverse and interesting collection of biographies, you will certainly be able to find something to read that will do one or all of those things. Some of the interesting characters you can read about include: Alberto Santos-Dumont inWings of Madness Alberto Santos-Dumont and the Invention of Flight, the story of a Brazilian aviation pioneer that built the first airplane in Europe and lead a fascinating life in Paris devoted to promoting and advancing flight, but ultimately was driven mad by the destruction capability of the flying machines used in WWI. You might enjoy reading about Helle Nice, who was called “the fastest women in the world” in the 1930’s. The book Bugatti Queentells the story of the woman that was a ballerina, a cabaret dance, a nude model, and also shattered records as a woman race car driver and placed in numerous grand prix in France as well as in races in the United States and Brazil. You might want to read about Napoleon’s exile on Saint Helena in The Black Room at Longwood or about Picasso through Marina Picasso’s eyes in Picasso My Grandfather. We have so many wonderful biographies to choose from. Come in and look them over. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.

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