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Downtown Kalamazoo Theatres

State (1927-)

SW corner of S Burdick St and W Lovell St.


State Theatre, ca. 1937
Kalamazoo Valley Museum photo

Built and opened as a vaudeville palace Jul 14, 1927 when vaudeville was at its peak. Within a few short years the bottom dropped out of vaudeville as talking pictures dominated the stage and it survived as a motion picture house until Mar 14, 1982. Historic acquisition attempts failed. Continues as an entertainment facility. Read more...


Stage diagram of the 2,000 seat State Theatre
Illustration ©1995 by J. P. Jenks

The 2,000 seat State Theatre was built for vaudeville, stock and film presentations, and had the “widest” stage in town. Unfortunately, it also had the shallowest. An excellent stage for big bands, musical revues, dance routines and later cinemascope, but not deep enough for traditional theatrical productions. Photos 

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