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Grey School

Location: District #4 - Section 22, north side of L Avenue between 42nd and 44th Streets.


1925-27 R. R. Van Vranken

1927-28 Mrs. Redia Backus

1929-30 Bethel Davis

1930-32 Genevieve Casey

1932-35 Dorothy Olin

1935-36 Marian Downs

1936-37 Hazel Thompson

1937-38 Agnes Silver

1938-40 Mrs. Ruth Mallott

1940-42 Rex Wedel

1942-43 Mrs. Ruth Shelley

1943-45 Mrs. Elsie Bates

1945-46 School closed



Maps and atlases

USGS topographic maps for Kalamazoo County, 1918 (Galesburg Quadrangle)

  • History Room map case, left drawer #1


Teachers' and School Officers' Directory, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, 1925-1946 (title varies)

  • Shelved in a pamphlet box with H 379.774 K149 (History Room Storage)