12th Annual Teen Filmmaker Festival

Feb 17, 2015 03:51:00 PM


Kalamazoo, MI –

 Kalamazoo Public Library is excited to unveil the finalists for the 12th Annual Teen Filmmaker Festival, which will be shown at Chenery Auditorium on Sunday, February 22, at 2:30 pm.

Come see Michigan’s talented teen directors (aged 12-19) as they make their big screen debut! There will be drama, action, comedy and more! More than 60 films were submitted to the Kalamazoo Public Library for consideration. 25 films, varying within 2-10 minutes each will be shown to the public and juried for the following award categories:   


  • Grand Prize for Best Film ($1,000 B&H Photo Gift Card) 
  • Best Animation ($50 Best Buy Gift Card) 
  • Best Experimental Film ($50 Best Buy Gift Card) 
  • Best Music Video ($50 Best Buy Gift Card) 
  • Best Short Film ($50 Best Buy Gift Card) 
  • Best Technical Merit ($50 Best Buy Gift Card) 
  • Best Cinematic Merit ($50 Best Buy Gift Card) 
  • Judge’s Choice ($250 B&H Photo Gift Card) 
  • People’s Choice ($50 Best Buy Gift Card)   


The following films will be shown at the festival:    


  1. GLP Sendoff by Eric Hyde 
  2. Happiness by Caroline Hall & Julia Labodie 
  3. It’s Just a Phase by Nathan Ginter 
  4. The Living Mountain by Griffin Snow 
  5. Northern by Jake Lamons 
  6. Broken Headlights by Heather Rolison 
  7. The Lonely Goldfish by Dorian Murphy 
  8. The Essence of the City: Kalamazoo by Matthew Stanley 
  9. Evolution of a Ballerina by Hannah Lane-Davies 
  10. Coming Home by Noah Winne 
  11. Ego by Kennedy Shelton 
  12. Apparition by Justin Ward 
  13. The Winter (Est-ce que j’ai mentionnée) by Yazmine Vargas 
  14. Jack, and the Meaning of Life by Jack Kison 
  15. What If by Meredith Egeler 
  16. Persistence vs Procrastination by Nathan Ginter 
  17. Dear Lucy by Heather Rolison 
  18. Insanium by Isaiah Terry 
  19. Projectio KartoitusT.O. by Thomas Outinen 
  20. The Soul of Bali by Nathan Ginter 
  21. White People Meat by Cruce Grammatico  
  22. Chance by Hannah Lane-Davies 
  23. Flip by Dorian Murphy 
  24. The Wonderful Wish Granting Cell Phone by Andrew Sokolowski 
  25. Tenebrosi Somnia by Isaiah Terry 


Presented by Master of Ceremonies Kevin Park, the President of Campaign Pictures and writer/director/producer of Love Cancer and Shaken Daddy Syndrome; the films will be juried by the following judges:   


  • James Sanford: Creative Manager at Alamo Drafthouse Kalamazoo, in charge of specialty film booking, promotions and marketing. 
  • Jim Middleton: Animator and educator Jim Middleton has also been a practicing pharmacist in the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek area for over 30 years.  He has created and coordinated arts and film production courses for KCC and KVCC and sill takes his pharmacy license out for regular walks as director of pharmacy for Western Michigan University. 
  • Jon Hoadley: Jon Hoadley is Kalamazoo’s freshman state representative and is the CEO of Badlands Strategies located in Kalamazoo.   


Award winners will be announced at www.kpl.gov/teenfilmfest.   

Tickets are free and will be available at Chenery Auditorium on February 22 (the day of the festival.) For more information visit www.kpl.gov/teenfilmfest or call Chenery Auditorium at 269-337-0440. 

Kalamazoo’s Public Media Network will cover the Teen Filmmaker Festival. PMN will broadcast entries chosen for the festival, awards presentations, and interviews with the winners. Check www.publicmedianet.org for broadcast dates and times. DVDs of festival coverage and interviews will be presented to award winners and available for purchase.  

The Teen Filmmaker Festival is cosponsored by Kalamazoo Public Library, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Public Media Network, Campaign Pictures and Alamo Draft House.  

Special thanks to Chenery Auditorium for hosting the 12th Annual Filmmaker Festival.


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Northern by Jake Lamons is my favorite film.